Newborn and infant night time care

Los Angeles

Sleep training available


About Kirstin

Kirstin is a newborn care specialist in Los Angeles with many years experience working with newborns, infants and multiples. She believes in a calm environment and helps set up babies' routines in order to help them develop and grow to reach their milestones. Kirstin understands that sleep is precious for both parents and child and she helps establish a night time routine and provides over night care and sleep training, allowing the parents to get much needed rest that is so often lacking in the first few months.

Overnight care 

12 hour overnight care for newborns and infants. Feedings and soothing baby when they wake. Breastfed or bottle fed babies.

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Sleep training

Set the baby up to slowly drop their night time feeds in order to eventually be sleeping for 12 hours at night without waking to eat.

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Why sleep train your baby?

So many parents float through the first few months of their baby's life in between a state of pure bliss and sleep deprivation. Studies show that parents lose 44 days of sleep within the first year of their baby's life. That is more than 6 weeks! Sleep training helps establish healthy routines and habits for your baby that will eventually have them sleep through the night without them waking up every few hours to be fed or soothed. Contrary to what critics say, it is not about leaving your baby to scream throughout the night and ignoring them. It is about teaching them step by step to slowly lengthen their sleep period until they are sleeping for approximately 12 hours. Along with creating the ideal environment for night time sleep, sleep training also helps with nap time. A baby who sleeps well is a happy baby and at the end of the day, all we want for our children is for them to be happy, healthy and cherished.